Sunday, February 7, 2010

Forward progress

From Riding Buttercup
Since getting our hoofboots four weeks ago, Buttercup has continued to improve with our light walking schedule. I keep expecting to go out to the barn and find her lame. Instead, she looks better and better every day, even if I think she can't possibly look any better the day before.

We have been slightly more aggressive the past few weeks with turning her out bare instead of in her Rx boots. She has gone more than 48 hours without them and not been ouchie. The key is to get her to be stronger without causing her hooves any undue stress right now.

Buttercup again went back to 24/7 turnout since her Rx boots keep her feet relatively dry even in wet weather and plus, she is ready to be moving a lot more, booted or not.
From Riding Buttercup

I am really impressed with my EasyBoot Edge boots. They have pretty good grip in poor, sloshy footing, and really seem to protect her hooves while conforming to them. Good product overall. My only complaint: they don't drain. I would drill some holes in them, as I've heard others have had success doing that, but I am afraid of compromising the structural integrity. The water that gets in there though doesn't seem to bother Bud one bit.
From Riding Buttercup

Oh and we also got some new shipping boots so that when she's ready for beach rides, ranch sorting, trail rides and dressage tests, she'll have better protection on the trailer. She'll also ride with her Rx boots so to provide extra cushion in the trailer.
Farrier visit Monday! Can't wait to see her further improved hooves. I have a feeling we are getting out of "rehab" stage and moving into a normal just trim every six weeks.

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