Monday, January 18, 2010

Buttercup's first trail ride back and frog improvement

It has been more than three months for Buttercup and since getting her EasyBoot Edge last week, we are taking it very slow.

Anytime a horse comes back from pasture condition (and specifically from dealing with hoof or leg problems) lots of walking with minimal turning is best. We are 20-30 minute walks. On Saturday, I felt confident in her ability to do an hour long, easy trail ride. Keep in mind, we do not have hills where I live. Just flat, soft ground.

Her condition looks bad, but she seems comfortable.

(Buttercup is moving consistently heel first)

The short trail ride really exhausted her, but she was feeling fine the next day. I think she's happy to have a job, however small it may be.

(Best seat in the house!)

Now, this is kind of a two-part post. I wanted to update everyone on the changes to Buttercup's frog over the last month.

Dec. 6:

(Completely receded. Barely even a noticeable bump and soft to the touch.)

Dec. 20:

(Frog starts to rally and harden up. )

Jan. 17:

I noticed yesterday was the first time when I picked her hooves I could put the pick into the grove between frog and sole. The flash flattened the grove a little bit. There is less than a finger's distance on the front left (second pics in the series) and the ground and about a finger and a half distant on the front right (first pics in series) right now. We are about halfway through our farrier rotation which is why her frog is all icky.


  1. hey, i'm having a great time reading your blog! i read the entire thing the other day, but couldn't comment due to computer problems.

    i'm very curious about what is to come..

    ~lytha in germany

  2. Lytha, thanks. I'm curious too! We have a farrier appointment this Monday so there will be more pictures soon. Hope you have a great weekend.