Sunday, April 18, 2010

Huge milesone

That's right folks, Buttercup (aka As You Wish) and I went to our first show since this entire ordeal went down. In fact, this is only Bud's second show, and first dressage show for the both of us. I'm so pleased!

We scored 67.0 on both Intro A and Intro B, winning second and third place, respectively.

I was just happy to finally be there. I ended up crying I was so happy to be in that moment and time.

We had some rough spots in both tests that come down to consistency/tempo and our transitions but those will get better with more time.

(This is the big surprise update I promised a few weeks back!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First solo trail ride back

The firsts keep on coming! The cynical part of me has essentially stopped nagging me and now I actually am starting to believe we made it over the "hump."

We are doing what I consider regular workouts (walk, trot, some canter, lots of bending) and everything is going really well. Buttercup is fitting up nicely and showing no signs of hoof problems. I've even worked her twice without her hoofboots – gasp! But then decided I still don't care if she doesn't need them, they give me peace of mind using them so I will continue to do so.

Above is from Sunday, when we took our first solo trail ride away from home. I think this is my new favorite photo. She just looks so healthy and happy. Even when she was sound last year for weeks or months at a time, she never looked like that.

I may or may not have a special update coming in two weeks! But I'm keeping it a surprise because I don't want to jinx it!