Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow and boots

(New favorite pic of Buttercup and me)

I have finally discovered the Rx boot's weakness: snow. They stay on relatively well for deep mud and all other turnout activities, but the snow worked into the velcro to form little snow balls that eventually rendered them no longer velcro-y.

But that's OK, it's not like it ever snows here in Eastern North Carolina. We just got 7-8 inches Friday night and it is nearly gone now.

Saturday morning when I went out to the barn, I had to search through the snow and mud to find both boots. Once found, I figured I would keep them off because they were only going to come off again.

Here's pics of her second snow ever:

By the time I arrived Sunday morning, she was very ouchie from the snow turning to ice over night. I slapped on her EasyBoot Edges, and since she went back to being very comfortable, I took some pics. I thought about taking her to the bean field for a nice walk in the snow, but was concerned about her feet already being stressed, even if she did look comfortable once her boots were on.

So that she wouldn't continue to be ouchie when I took her Edges off, I put her cleaned and snow-free Rx boots back on. But before taking her back out to the pasture, I wrapped the velcro with duct tape to prevent snow from lodging in there. Seems to have worked since I went out this morning to bring back her blanket (she tore it Saturday night and it needed some extra water proofing after all the rain and snow) and the duct tape was still there.


  1. hi - just wanted to say i've been enjoying your blog.

    ~lytha in germany

  2. Thank you, lytha. Where in Germany are you? My sister is currently living in Vilseck. It's a beautiful country.