Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Farrier visit 12-28-09

Happy 2010! We are starting the New Year with new hooves. The exact words from my farrier: "I'm tickled." Buttercup's hooves look great, her frog/heel are getting stronger (though still rather receded) and we will be starting some light walking work undersaddle once our new EasyBoot Edge boots arrive.

Let's start with the solars since that's the highlight.

Just to compare, here is a healthy hoof's solar view:

And the ideal diagram:

Another bright spot is that her crack is grown out and what remains is superficial to the wall:

Unfortunately, we are still distorted at the heels, likely as a result of the cast being applied too tightly. This time around, we again really had to rein in the front right toe. But we also got some really strong heel growth. It was the first time since the my farrier's first time working with her that he has used hoof clippers on her. Normally, he just rasps away the hoof, but this time she had enough growth the warrant hoof clippers. Progress! If we got that amount of growth in the winter time, I can just imagine this spring boding good news. I may even begin to say we are out of the rehab stage if we continue this path!

Again, to compare, here's two relatively balanced hooves in the lateral view:

(lower heel)

(higher heel)

Best of luck to everyone in the New Year!

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