Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trimmer visit Oct. 12, 2010

I wasn't able to grab pictures until this weekend so there was a long delay for this post!

And wouldn't you know it? I forgot solar shots. But I was slightly distracted:

Yep! I snuck a ride on the vaca-diva herself. After some acrobatics on the lunge, she begrudgingly indulged me in a little tour of her dry lot. 

I will likely try to do some more groundwork with her when I see her, and perhaps go out on trail around the property for a short ride in the future. 

While she has been sound since June, she needs some chiropractic work before she comes out of vacation in February. I could feel her just muscled wrongly. 

OK, hoof photos! Been a long time coming this time around! 

What I really like is the angle we've been keeping. You can see we've gotten less aggressive with rolling up the hoof wall as the separation has grown down, too. They actually look like real, honest-to-goodness hooves.

Bud's heel foundation is looking very strong. Her hooves just look fantastic in person. I love holding them in my hand. 

The evident separation is much more apparent on the front left with the huge dietary rings and flares. I'm hoping we have less than three months left on all that separation. The crack — which I also failed at getting a pic of — is still evident from the coronary band on down, but the place where it detaches from the lamina is growing down with great gusto. I think it looks more open to me but I can't compare pictures so that could just be me fretting over it. If it is more open, I think that's from the delay in trimming we experienced because of the floods. 

Something that I don't like about this trim — and I will have to mention to Scott — is the pointed quarters. I worry that can upset the balance we've been trying to establish and that it may encourage the heels to draw forward again.


  1. wow, these pictures are great, thanks for sharing.

    i took hoof photos tonight and they're not as pretty as yours.


  2. Thanks, lytha. It takes a lot of patience and practice. The ones that go up here are few of many! It also takes a nice camera and a horse used to modeling her hooves lol

    Most of my pics are from a Cannon Rebel. Keep
    at it!