Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soundness/new routine update

(Part of our regular routine. Soaking in lysol to prevent infection on both front feet while she plows through a pad of hay. I sit next to her and read a good book, and it's been nice to spend the time with her like this.)

It looks like we finally have a good base of Buttercup's new laminitic pony diet. The best part is? It seems to be working!

Here is what she gets daily:
5 lbs WellSolve L/S
3 lbs (dry) of rinsed then drained molasses-free beet pulp
10 lbs or so of coastal hay

And she's not only doing well with her hooves, but she's getting quite chunky on the new diet. Remember the starter pic? Well I'm certain she's about 25 pounds heavier now. 

The only times she exhibits lameness is when she's been running around like with her pasturemates or before din-din time. I suspect this is a result of stress to the lamina from the torque of her flares. She will be trimmed up this Saturday so I hope that problem will resolve after the trim. (Reminder: big surprise next trim!)

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