Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dealing with laminitis

(Picture of Buttercup yesterday to help us evaluate her weight as she comes off grain and grass)

So June 5, Buttercup went off grass completely. And now June 11, Buttercup went off grain completely. She is on a full beet pulp diet. She gets three feedings a day of 1 lb dry beet pulp (soaked for at least an hour prior to feeding and then rinsed).

A few days off the grass and she was looking fairly nice. Only 24 hours of taking her off the grain and she is 100% sound trotting and more comfortable than ever on concrete.

The sudden change is absolutely amazing. Why haven't we pinpointed this before? It makes me ill. But at least this is something we can control and now we know.

Yesterday, I took pics of Bud so I can evaluate how she is fairing on her new diet. Will she lose weight? Gain weight? She may lose weight so we want to be on top of it. I plan to take pics once a week over the next month or so to evaluate.

She's not in fabulous condition right now just because she's been out of work for 8 weeks and has lost a lot of muscling. But we certainly don't want her losing any weight. The barn owner has expressed concern having a "skeleton" walking around the property, and she's right to be concerned. So we will address her needs one week at a time.

Also, for those of you looking to feed beet pulp to a laminitic/sugar sensitive horse:

1) Buy beet pulp with no molasses added
2) Soak for at least an hour to get rid of excess sugar
3) Rinse before serving to remove more sugars

And I have actually repurposed a salad spinner for this job of soaking and draining. It works really well.

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