Monday, March 22, 2010

Farrier visit - March 22, 2010

Wow, just wow. I'm absolutely in awe that this day has come. It now has been four trims since Buttercup has shown signs of lameness. She is really doing well.

Naturally, we aren't out of the woods yet (as you'll see, we are now really working on balance problems particularly with the front left) but it feels really good to be at this point.

Not only are we fighting with balance (again) we are fighting infection (again). I used Clean Trax last Sunday and I'll be moving to a more aggressive soaking routine (using mostly lysol) to knock the rest of it out.

But Buttercup's frog is hard and making leaps (pun intended!) in progress.

This time, my farrier took away that nasty heel. That means he had to take away a lot of hoof to compensate and Buttercup is now slightly sore on concrete. But she seemed comfy enough on the pasture and I'm going to give her just a few days off to recuperate. I'm not too concerned about it.



(forgive the wonky angles on the solar shots ... it makes her solars look more distorted than they are, though they are slightly distorted)

I can't recall exactly what my farrier said about the blood spot on the above solar shot. I think he said it was something about an abscess that didn't get fully formed? Anyway, apparently nothing to be concerned about right now. I think I was just too excited to listen carefully.

Edited to add new pics of clean shaven pasterns to accentuate the hooves:

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