Thursday, September 3, 2009

Buttercup gets hoofboots

I ordered a pair of hoofboots on an impulse buy. They were used and only $40. I wasn't even sure if they were the right size.

But they seem to fit! Unfortunately, I don't know if they will fit once we put the Equicast back on tomorrow.

I figured I needed hoofboots since she is still slightly sore on the pavement and gravel. I took her for a walk around on the pavement and she seemed much improved, though walking a little awkward with the hoofboot sensation and not quite 100% sound. It will be good to use when we go to the beach and have to walk 1/4 mile on road to get there or go to the mountain and have to walk on hard-pack, rock-laden land.

(Buttercup models how her hooves feel better on pavement with her hoofboots)

According to some sources, it can take six months to a year for a horse to grow a hardened hoof. Although I plan to let her hooves encounter her terrain in their natural form, I plan to use the hoofboots when I need to take her somewhere or ride her over some place that she just isn't ready to do yet.

UPDATE 9/4/09: These hoofboots indeed do not fit. They are too large. However, with Buttercup's extra hoof (Equicast) they fit a lot better and more snugly. If you want to know if your hoofboot fits, consult the manufacturer. If you have EasyBoots, go to this YouTube video:

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