Sunday, August 16, 2009

First day being barefoot

Before I forget to post, here are the lateral view pics. I really like the balance that I see:

Front view:

And for those curious as to what the underside looks like:

Now the transition to barefoot isn't all fun and games. She moved really nicely yesterday, but her under-conditioned hooves are now no longer feeling quite so good after 24-hours of full pressure.

According to the barefooter who helped us, I can ride as soon as she's moving comfortably. She is sound right now, but not moving comfortably. She's freer in her shoulders, but a little hesitant with her front feet.

Here are some pics I took today in the round pen. Notice that in some of the pictures, she is very obviously not landing heel first up front:

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  1. Casts look good.
    My friend pointed out that there is a sale on Parker casting tape in the 10-roll case. It works just like equicast but isn't quite a sturdy so needs vettec superfast "shoes" or boots to help it last longer if the horse is not just in a stall. Here is the link to the casting tape on sale: