Sunday, July 24, 2011

New shoes - July 23

We had to up the ante on getting Buttercup comfortable. Forty-eight hours after getting her plain steel shoes, her comfort level dramatically decreased. So Russ came out and the new strategy is four-point shoes (also known as natural balance shoes) paired with a fake gel sole.

Her heels have been her main base of support with her soles so thin and her P3s on the ground (the breakover really hurt her). The four-point really takes advantage of her happy heels, moves the breakover back so that she isn't spending more time on the part that hurts.

The gel is copper infused so it should keep any thrush down. Normally the gel is paired with a styrofoam pad that is level with the ground. Russ filled in with the gel, but kept is just below level of the shoe with the ground, so that it acts more like a sole and minimizes impact to her tender hooves.

She is drastically more comfortable, but still not sound. Hopefully we'll see her continue to improve.


  1. i know some people hate them, but i really like NBS.

    these are the last shoes baasha ever wore.

    i hope for the best for buttercup. i truly feel for you. how did you get her so clean for those photos!?

  2. lol Lytha, she had just gotten a very intense bath! I use Mane n Tail spray and wash, and then their purple white/bright. With both applications, she is thoroughly scrubbed with a stiffer-type brush with the soap and then as the water rinses it off.

    I really like the four-point/NBS too. She wore these before with great results, though she wasn't haven't overt issues then.

    Thanks for the kind words!