Saturday, June 11, 2011

Non-hoof related injury

(Buttercup enjoying a few minutes of grass at her new place prior to her injury)

While refreshing to not talk about hooves, this new injury certainly wasn't a good thing!

Buttercup arrived June 1 at her new barn outside Charleston. On June 3, barn management discovered a gruesome injury during morning feeding. Everything is fine and it appears to just be a flesh wound (Thank goodness!).

She's been on stall rest the last week and has another week of stall rest before she goes out in her own individual paddock, since the injury is suspected to be from a pasturemate.

Day 1 injury:

Day 6: (all cleaned up!)

And just to end the post on a happier note:


  1. hopefully she'll have a scar to show off to the other horses. "that was from when the fence attacked me. but i won. the fence will think twice next time.."

    she's turned out in boots? did i miss the explanation about this?

  2. lol!

    On the boots, no, she isn't normally turned out in boots. This was right off the trailer and I always boot for trailering so it provides extra cushion to her hooves. I forgot that they were on in those photos! Good attention to detail! They were removed at the same time she got her muzzle back on.