Saturday, March 26, 2011

Buttercup visit March 25, 2011

Finally got out to see Buttercup, and she looks good! Her hooves have made some really good improvements. Scott said he's doing her probably every week, which means the corrections happen faster.

I only took two lateral pics because I got distracted in between shots searching for a hoof pick with a brush and then decided to ride and then forgot all about the other shots. I didn't remember until I was nearly an hour away! And I wasn't turning back around! Next time I'll get better shots.

So rode Buttercup for the first time in months and she was sound and loving it. Scott then decided to hop on and make my mostly dressage-ridden pony go western pleasure:

I thought she looked cute as a western pony! But you won't catch me in a western saddle any day soon!

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