Monday, February 28, 2011

Buttercup goes to Scott's

(Buttercup categorically denies that she was difficult to load. Here she says "Look at me! I love the trailer. Let's get rolling!")

Buttercup left her caretaker's yesterday and is now, for the time being, at her trimmer's farm. Scott was excited because he said he can work with her now on a week-to-week basis and possibly get some faster progress on her hooves.

We had some hiccups — Bud got wound up and decided she was not leaving the property (an old trailer loading issue that I thought was over and done with *sigh*), truck broke down, etc. — but we all got there safely.

(I did have a camera and apparently used it for the worst parts of the trip!)

Unfortunately, while there, I spaced it and didn't get any pictures! I blame the hectic day impeding my natural inclination to document everything Buttercup. This also means I, yet again, do not have recent hoof pictures! Buttercup is now nearly three hours away, but this does make her closer to our next destination: Charleston.

The end! (at least of this post!)

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