Monday, January 3, 2011

Hooves for 2011

(Looking back when we should be looking forward!)

Finally! Pics to show what we're starting with in 2011. This is going to be a big year for Buttercup's health mainly because we're moving (not sure where yet; military) and this could really upset all the positive we've gained for the last six months.

We started off the year poorly though. Some volunteer wheat hay was discovered in the new hay Buttercup was fed just yesterday morning. By the time I arrived at the barn, she had a mild pulse and was about a 1 on the AAEP scale (lameness scales).

Lisa and I poured over everything she could have possibly eaten and decided to get samples of all the hay to test it. She had just gotten a new batch Saturday so we started there. While digging for samplings, wheat hay was found. Wheat hay, along with oat and peanut hay, is one of the most sugar-rich hays there are. Crisis averted, but if it hadn't been caught so soon it could have been really bad.

Keeping the New Year's resolution for no laminitic episodes will be more difficult than I thought.

I touched up her hooves before these images because I wanted to make sure there was nothing to encourage separation or lameness after her brief encounters with sugar.



Parting shot:

Hopefully 2011 won't be full of wheat hay in your alfalfa-timothy.

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