Monday, November 15, 2010

The crack

The crack remains ugly, and I think I mentioned I don't think it will ever go away. I think the scar at her coronary band causes the hoofwall to grow in too weak to withhold the expansion/contraction of a healthy hoof. But so long as it is attached to the lamina, I'm happy. And so far it is growing out that way:

This last pic illustrates the attached crack down to the detached crack. Luckily, even the detached, wider part of the crack isn't extremely flared off the lamina. 

Her hooves are at five weeks here and she's getting done on Wednesday, so the flaring is very apparent right now. 

And new side shots:

Can you believe that this horse is on mostly coastal hay, just a handful or two of WellSolve L/S and her SmartPak EZ Keeper grass balancer? She's looking good! 


  1. my horse has had a similar crack his entire life. it tends to recede in the winter but comes back in the summer and right now it looks like bud's crack (but not quite as split at the bottom). it's terrible and people always ask me "omgosh is your horse ok?" and i have to tell them all the kings farriers over the years couldn't fix it, and each one tried! and now that he's barefoot, the crack is better. (it used to be yearround when he wore shoes.)

  2. Lytha, my favorite is when folks says "hey, did you know that your horse has a HUGE crack in her front left?" lol

    I usually respond with something smart like: "Yeah, she's 1/4 cow."

    What caused your guy's crack? Was it an abscess or injury?

    I've found Bud's helps us keep track of how healthy her lamina are. When she has a laminitic episode, that thing just tears apart. That open part at the bottom is likely from this past June's episode.