Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buttercup goes on vacation

OK, the title is misleading. Bud has been on vacation since this year's troubles began in May. She has left the barn to go further out into the country to go hang out with a milder crowd and be taken care of by a meticulous and caring woman — and that just did not fit neatly in a headline.

It's the first time since our entire hoof saga began that she's not right at my fingertips. But I'm not worried, my friend is taking excellent care of her and has been for three weeks now. 

Bud is only out with one other horse, who is very laidback, and is just enjoying herself. Of course, my friend doesn't have a drylot so when Bud goes out, the muzzle goes on, but that's not an issue.

So far this cycle, we haven't had any issues with laminitis and everything appears to be under control. Fingers crossed it continues!

Scott comes out Saturday so it'll be good to hear what he has to say. I think we've got a lot of positive growth this time around. 

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