Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Farrier visit May 3, 2010

The spell of dry weather we've had this cycle really created some challenges with Buttercup's hooves. Her hooves started growing and the hoof wall started getting pressure exerted on it, and the flares and her crack that were quickly disappearing all came back.

So to keep that in check, we had to drastically roll up her hoof wall again. She is slightly sore as of Tuesday, but sound for walk/trot on the pasture footing. As you can see from the pics, her hoof walls are definitely rolled up.

Unfortunately, I somehow forgot to take solar shots. They are beautiful. We got rid of a lot problem areas and the heels are right underneath heel bulb. You can also see some waves in her coronary band. That related to a hoof balance issue, something we've been fighting with but only able to manage until now. I'm confident we have the right hoof balanced nicely and the front left will get there in just a few trim cycles.

So that crack that was reduced to being only a half-inch open and the rest superficial has opened up more than an inch (eyeballing, so I could be wrong). Just a little disheartening.

Farrier admonished me for continuing to work her in hoofboots and told me I'm not doing her any favors. Per his request, I'm retiring the hoofboots for trail riding when we may encounter rocks or other poor footing.


Edit May 13 to add solar shots:

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