Thursday, June 11, 2009

You don't have to know a lot about horses ...

... to understand how important their hooves are.

Here's an actual dialog (as remembered by me) between me and my very, non-horsey husband.

"So when is that crack going to grow out?"

"Probably never. It's been there for three years. The hoof grows in funny because of the abscess that scarred her cornet band."

"Really? That sucks. Won't that cause her a lot of problems?"

"Well, she had it for two years before it ever caused any problems. But, yeah, if her hooves are not properly cared for it kind of exacerbates a problem."

"That's a shame. It really sucks that happened to her and then all this – horses need good hooves."

And he's right. Horses need good hooves. My husband does not have horse and has probably only ridden about 20 times in his entire life (including him walking Buttercup around last night), and yet he can see something wrong with her hooves and know how serious it is (not just because I've been crying over it for the last year haha).

I don't know how many of you are currently in hoof rehab because of your own inattention, but I know I feel guilty nearly every single day. As an animal lover, I hate to think I caused her so much pain.

But I take comfort in that it is reversible, and we are taking steps in the right direction. Buttercup has recovered completely from her supposed abscess and is back in some walk-trot training. (new video! )

It's like that woman who was on Oprah about five years ago who was burnt on 70% of her body and barely had a face. She said she only allows herself to cry for five minutes every day and then she snaps herself out of it, and moves on with her day.

Anyone have a horse in hoof rehab at the moment? Please share your stories!

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